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About Alleson

About Alleson

With the will to always leave things better than she found them, Alleson Whitley Knox lives by the motto, “Have you added value to someone’s life today?”

If asked to describe herself, she would probably reference pop culture and characterize herself as the infectious charisma and resourcefulness of Olivia Pope, mixed with the love Chance the Rapper has for Chicago, add a whole lot of Beyonce’s tenacity and work ethic, with dreams of being her generation’s next Oprah Winfrey.

That dream alone fueled Alleson to leave her hometown of Chicago with sincere hopes of making a difference in the media industry. The Howard University alumna ventured outside of her degree in broadcast journalism and landed positions behind the camera in public relations and marketing.During her time in those roles, Alleson discovered a passion for having a hand in bridging corporate social responsibility with local community needs in her work with high-level clients such as Walmart, GEICO, Walgreens, the National Urban League, and non-profit organization Knock Out Abuse.

Even with such a busy work schedule, Alleson remained true to pursuing her first love, dance.  She always dreamt of becoming a professional NBA dancer and was able to live out that dream twice, dancing for the Washington Wizards and later, the Chicago Bulls.

In hopes of moving closer to family, Alleson made the decision to return to Chicago after living in DC for seven years.  Upon her return to Chicago, she was able to combine her experience in marketing with her love for children as an admissions coordinator and recruiter at a public high school, and also a dance teacher and coach for two dance groups on Chicago’s south side.

Alleson aspires to continue leaving her mark on the world as a social entrepreneur and influencer, encouraging others to do and be good.  In her commitment to her life work, coupled with her many hobbies which include reading, traveling, spending quality time with family and friends, and of course, dance, Alleson intends to revel in all life has to offer and inspire others to do the same.