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Miss Black Illinois Talented Teen USA

The Miss Black USA Talented Teen Pageant is the little sister organization to Miss Black USA. The pageant was created to encourage positive self-esteem, promote scholastic achievement, healthy living, community involvement and empower teen girls of color.  State representatives will go on to compete in a national competition intended to encourage and reward the talent, communication skills, community service, and academic achievement of girls between 13 and 17 years of age.

Kaylin Megan Nicole Strahan is the recently selected Miss Black Illinois Talented Teen 2017, and as Miss Black Illinois USA, it is Alleson’s honor to serve as her mentor during her reign.

Kaylin is a Chicago native and current freshman in high school. She’s had the privilege of being the captain of her volleyball team, a sport she loves, and was selected to play on an all-star team to represent her school.

Kaylin was elected as the student council president for her 8th grade class, which was a tremendous responsibility that taught her discipline, leadership and humility. She was also given the opportunity to attend the Siemens engineering program for girls, which allowed her to meet and interact with other bright girls in the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

In her free time, among other things, Kaylin is a fashion blogger and looks forward to every opportunity that she is given to be of service to others.

One of her future goals is to become an attorney so that she can bring a sense of pride and security to those that would request her assistance.